Near Limited

We are Near.
We’ll help you get there.


Why do you exist in this world?

Your purpose is what moves you: it inspires everything you do. Near will help you realise an ambition that takes you further and for better.


How can you shape what’s coming?

Adapt and thrive in uncertain times. Near will help your organisation prepare for the future – and empower your people to change it.


What will you do to make it real?

Transform great ideas into tangible impact. Near will help you create products and services that are necessary, viable and good.

What’s different?

The old world is dying.

It’s been digitised, customised, automated, manipulated. The world we thought we knew has become a world we don’t really know at all.

It’s also warming, its soils are degrading, its biodiversity is collapsing. Our impact on this planet is extreme and we’re only beginning to understand the consequences.

While humanity has overcome considerable adversity to get to where we are today, we’re now facing a planetary crisis: one that demands a response of greater scale and ambition than we’ve ever seen before.

Our organisations – the dynamic human collectives that wield significant influence over everything from what we think to how we live – will play a central role in shaping the world to come. So what world do we really want?

The decisions we make today will become our world tomorrow. Imagine what our world could be.

Near is a design company founded by Owen Thomas in 2017. Based in London, working worldwide.